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With a few bad words I decide that it is probably best to turn back. This is not the best start to a week cycling with Olof, a friend from Sweden. We left home in a rush so as not to miss the boat across the Bosforous, as it turned out the boat went all day. On arrival I was over charged for the ride which was the first sign of what was in store. Just a few hundred meters down the road we met two cycle tourists who informed us that the road ahead would be tough, we took quick mental notes of all that they said and moved on. Soon after Olof got a flat tyre, we then discovered that his spare tubes were in his bag which was lost by the airline previously. Using my spares was also no good due to his wheels. It wasn't good, but we continued, soon after I realised that I'd mounted my chain incorrectly, we fixed this with some hassle. That is when I noticed my pocket knife was missing. Combined with the fact that with just one bag, Olof was not able to carry anything extra, we decided to return to Istanbul to sort everything out for another attempt the following day. Sometimes that is the best option.

With 45 mins we were back, a smile on our faces just thinking of all the small things which can go wrong. A call to the airline reveals that the bag is in Istanbul, to be delivered later that day, perfect! Naturally they can't find the flat so the bag is returned to the airport, typical! Olof races there and back with a chain smoking taxi driver in half the time it should take. Everything is in place for a new start tomorrow.