Reflow Toaster Oven powered by Arduino (Library included)

The BoxFishOven controller supports multiple reflow, annealing, curing and drying profiles selectable from the LCD display and a design that makes it easy to add new profiles.

The target oven has two SSRs controlling the top and bottom elements (although we only turn them on/off together), a relay to control the oven's convection fan, and a PWM controlled blower that forces room air into the oven to cool it down rapidly.

Built to run on an Arduino Uno or similar with the Adafruit LCD shield and a MAX31855 thermocouple board, plus transistor/mosfet drivers for all the relays.

A built-in simulator allows the program to be tested and evaluted without any special hardware (thermocouple or relays or an oven).

All files available here:


  • LCD button faceplate for 3D printing ( )

Required Libraries:

Included libraries:

  • BoxFishUI (a simple menu driven interface to a 2 line LCD display that uses MenuBackend)
  • PIDSeq (a simple PID operations sequencer that uses the Arduino PID Library)

PID Tuning: